Wednesday, June 10: Titanic Expert Charles Haas, Captain Joe Murgo on Police Opportunity to Unity the Community, The Dalai Lama's New Album

Jun 10, 2020, 06:21 PM

Before Governor Lamont's call in, Chaz and AJ went through some of the questions the Tribe submitted on Facebook. It all ended with an AJ flubble. (0:00) 

The Amity Regional High School graduation is going to be broadcast live on PLR, and Weston High School's graduation is on the Fox. Chaz and AJ received an email from someone at East Haven asking to recognize the graduates, but it didn't sound legitimate. (6:34)  

Joe Della Monica is a retired police officer, and currently serves as a security consultant. He was on with Chaz and AJ to address the murder of George Floyd, police brutality, and the calls by public protesters to defund the police. (12:17) 

In Dumb Ass News, a girl just wanted to help a squirrel stuck in a pool, but it all went terribly wrong. (24:02)  

Charles Haas is an expert on the Titanic, and was on to talk about his two dives to visit the wreckage, and the latest plans to visit the site for special artifacts. (29:42) 

It was recently announced that East Haven Police Lieutenant Joe Murgo will be promoted to Captain. He was on the phone to talk about career, dancing at the Toy Drive, and how police officers have a great opportunity to bring communities together since everyone is watching them, now. (48:18) 

So, the Dalai Lama has released an album. Chaz and AJ played a clip in Dumb Ass News, then spoke to his advisor about the production and behind the scenes stories. (57:51)