Ep 6 Life in Lockdown Series | Managing the emotional rollercoaster of the past few weeks

Jun 11, 05:00 AM
Hi lovely,

I hope you are well and making your self-care a top priority at the moment. These past few weeks have been another huge historic moment in our lives and one big global emotional rollercoaster, the likes of which most of us have never experienced before in our lifetime. From grief, to pain, to trauma, to anger, to shame, to guilt - there are a lot of big heavy emotions going on collectively as the anti-racism movement rises up and takes centre stage in our lives. And so this week on the podcast we wanted to talk about that. About how to navigate these times of big emotions - from grief, to anger, to shame, the tools that we’ve been using ourselves and of course the all important topic of active anti-racism and collective healing. 

We hope that this episode helps you to take a deep breath, slow things down and remember what you need right now to help you to grieve, heal, release your shame, whatever it may be. Use those tools.

And below you’ll find a list of the people and resources we mention in the podcast episode.

Sending you huge amounts of love, 

Selina & Vicki


Black anti-racism educators to follow:
Nova Reid (Conversations with Nova Reid)