Perspectives on... LGBT+ pride

Jun 11, 2020, 03:54 PM

#TeamGP & #RCGPTogether Perspectives are peer-to-peer conversations bringing GPs together to share perspectives on anything and everything general practice.
This week, join GPs from across the UK focusing on LGBT+ pride.
Find Dr David Hogg  on twitter, Dr Kamila Kamaruddin on Twitter, Dr Anthony James on Twitter and Dr Duncan Shrewsbury on Twitter and Instagram.
- Check out the LGBT Foundation's Pride in Practice programme here.
- The RCGP LGBT+ Health hub, full of elearning can be found here.
- More information, including handouts, on David's project focussing on care for LGBT+ youth in rural Scotland can be explored here.
- Online pride events mentioned include NHS Virtual Pride and UK Black Pride

Please note that the views expressed in these conversations are that of RCGP members and may not represent RCGP views or policy.