Thursday, June 11: An Inch From Death Stories, "Stand Up For Vets" Announcement, Jimmy Koplik Responds to Governor's Thoughts on Outdoor Concerts

Jun 11, 2020, 06:17 PM

Yesterday, Charles Haas the Titanic expert talked about the crazy danger he was in while diving to visit the wreckage site. Chaz and AJ asked the Tribe to share their stories, and got some intense ones about a raging river, a bear encounter, an accidental shooting, and a jackhammer incident. (0:00)  

Chaz and AJ announced their first event since the pandemic, "Stand Up for Vets." Laurie Hollander, President of "Help Our Military Heroes" was on to help make the announcement about the event, which is going to be a virtual broadcast through Facebook. (17:53)  

WFSB's Scot Haney was on to with the forecast for the weekend, and shared the incident that led to the "Scot Haney Rule" at Channel 3 when it comes to live events. (30:00) 

Live Nation's Jimmy Koplik addressed comments made by the Governor to Chaz and AJ yesterday, about outdoor concerts looking realistic for phase 3 of CT reopening. Plus, his favorite moments from the New Haven Coliseum and why Guns N' Roses canceled their show at Lake Compounce years and years ago. (39:54) 

If AJ had to have a themed wedding, he thinks he'd go with NASCAR as the theme. (1:05:12)