In conversation with: Illawarra Hawk Josh Boone

Episode 114,   Jun 15, 2020, 11:19 PM

From the Illawarra Hawks Josh Boone. 

  • ILL’s signing pitch to Josh for NBL20 
  • The sliding doors moment Josh had with not signing with SEM & PER. 
  • Picking Dane Pineau in his NBL Fantasy Team
  • The Shawn Long signing and Boone’s departure from MEL
  • Not liking Chris Goulding initially when arriving in MEL
  • Did NBL20 ‘spark joy’?
  • Casper Ware’s NBL20 ‘struggles' from the outside looking in 
  • Doubts about the PER, Off & Def rating & +/- stats
  • ‘Should the board man get paid’? A rebuttal to Ben Taylor’s ‘Thinking Basketball Podcast’
  • Did Braun get crossed up or slip? How did he miss the finish? (Fouled by Matt Hodgson?) 
  • Boone’s thoughts on LaMelo Ball’s NBA legitimacy 
  • Was it frustrating handing over team control to an unproven 18yo?
  • Aaron Brookes' emotional behaviour early in the season, getting into it with Sunday Dech at practice
  • Woolongong's finest: Chicko’s 
  • The Foundation Club, NBL media, sporting content creation and E-sports 
  • Josh’s NBL content pitch to Jeremy Loeliger and NBLHQ 
  • Ep.10 of the Foundation Club and Josh knowing that the Taipans were going to quit after halftime 
  • Beating the better Cairns Taipans 3 times - how?
  • Grand Final breakdown and predictions - PER or SYD and why?
  • If the Hawks had made the GF series where would Boone’s vote haven been on terminating the series?
  • Did the NBL delegates get input from their imports before the wage cut vote?
  • The trimming of imports from 3 to 2 and Josh’s reaction 
  • Black Lives Matter as it pertains to import slimming and Josh’s experiences in Australia
  • FTs, Cheeseburgers and making sure it’s know that Casper Ware should have led the league in cheeseburgers given away
  • A response to Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘The Big Man Can’t Shoot’ Revisionist History Podcast episode
  • Were Melbourne United and NBL fans too eager to blow it up after losing in the NBL19 GF?
  • To what extent racism has been apart of Josh’s life?
  • Was it apart of Josh’s time in Australia? 
  • Liam Santamaria or Liam Sanmartina?
  • And finally, the question Josh most wanted to answer from last season but wasn't asked. 

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