The Research Stage with special guests from The Home Page

Episode 19,   Jun 18, 2020, 09:04 AM

The 1st stage of a house renovation or extension project is so exciting.  Every possibility can be considered, mood boards (be it Pinterest or tagged photos on Instagram) can include images of anything from lofty hill top villas to cottages nestled amongst the foliage, it’s as much about the feeling the image gives you as it is a particular architectural or design detail.  It is this research and the process of finding your project’s style which then allows you to fully communicate your wants and needs to the construction professionals at the next stage.

But equally it can be an overwhelming time.  It’s easy to get lost and re-review your saved images and not see you or your family in them, or have so many that you love it feels impossible to make a decision.

So we talk to research aficionados Rosalind Sacks and Jessica Jonzen, co-founders of The Home Page, about how to access and consume images at the ‘research it’ stage and how to know which of these to filter to take to the ‘design it’ stage.

Ros and Jess set up The Home Page because they wanted emphasis of inspirational images to be on the personalities and lifestyles of the owners of the homes, not ‘just’ on making the houses look suited for an interior design coffee book.

During the podcast on research Ros and Jess make reference to some of the interiors they have showcased which have personally resonated with them, including the homes of Molly Mahon and Tom Raffield.  We chatted about the Scandi forrest home which is Ros’ dream property and the experimental home of Farrow and Ball colour expert.  We also talked about how home project can become a way to heal the lives of the couple who live in it, perfectly titled the serene and soulful farmhouse.

During the conversations we found a shared love of Linwood fabric, who deserve a praise for the best fabric sample packaging and recalled favourite Farrow and Ball paint colours we’ve used and loved.

Ros and Jess reminded us The Home Page also collaborate with designers and producers, helping bring their wares to the considered and passionate audience of The Home Page, more of which can be found here.

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Image credit to Sarah Hogan for Molly Mahon taken from an article on The Home Page site.