Feedback Plc, Chris Bailey on 3 Big Caps & John Meyer on 3 Small Resource Stocks

Jun 18, 2020, 12:11 PM

Feedback talk about their healthtec product Bleepa. Chris Bailey covers Tesco, Taylor Wimpey, National Grid, Kingfisher & Greggs. John Meyer on Cora Gold, Jubilee Metals & Empire Metals

On the Vox Markets Podcast Today: 18th June 2020

Dr Tom Oakley, CEO of Feedback #FDBK talks about their healthtec product Bleepa, a clinical grade messaging app and explains how their recent fundraise will help develop it.

Chris Bailey founder of Financial Orbit covers news from the following companies: Tesco #TSCO Taylor Wimpey #TW. National Grid #NG. and briefly mentions: Kingfisher #KGF Greggs #GRG

(Interview starts at 13 minutes 9 seconds)

John Meyer, Mining analyst and partner at SP Angel talks about: Cora Gold #CORA Jubilee Metals #JLP & Empire Metals #EEE

(Interview starts at 34 minutes 58 seconds)

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