Trading with US or them? (Special Guest John Wilkes)

Jun 23, 06:00 AM
America represents a massive opportunity for Exports of British produced food. American shoppers love many of the things British farmers are proud of – the way animals are reared and cared for and how other foods such as cheese are produced.

In this podcast, John Bates flips the coin and looks at the story of food from Britain being imported into the USA to see if that ‘special relationship’ could be putting money into British producers’ wallets.

Dr Phil Hadley (AHDB's International Market Development Director) and Susana Morris (AHDB’s senior export manager for the Americas), give us an insight into how we work with some fascinating people across the world, to deliver British produce and increase demand. 

Listen to our special guests from the USA, John Wilkes, our AHDB Adviser on US Agriculture policy and associated matters in Washington DC - He joins to share the story behind exporting British red meat, to the USA and why the Americans love our product! 

Would you like to be part of the discussion and understand more about our exporting relationship between the UK and USA - then attend our webinar, 

"Export Update: View from North America" and get involved!