Ep 102: It’s time for a quarterly check-in! ✨

Jun 25, 05:00 AM
Hello lovely,

We hope you are doing well? 

With July fast approaching, it is time to grab your Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020 journal and join us for a quarterly check-in. 

And what a historic quarterly review this one will be!

Join us for this episode as we reflect on the last 3 months, share the progress we’ve made and our new commitments for the next 3 months. If you don’t have a journal, then simply answer the questions as we go through them 😍

As the entire last quarter was spent in lockdown here in the UK, we talk about regrouping and giving yourself permission to check-in with the intention set at the beginning of the year and allowing yourself to either realign or reset it completely for 2020. 

As always, we find these reviews such a nourishing opportunity to practice gratitude and remind ourselves about the challenges we’ve overcome and to reflect on our proudest moments – and we hope you do too.

We will also be doing our first quarterly Love-In on Monday 29th June at 1pm (BST) on Zoom. We will be running these every quarter as a chance for us all to pause and reflect on the past 3 months and set our intentions and commitments for the following three months. Sign up here to join us! 

We really hope you enjoy this episode. It’s the last in the season as we take our scheduled podcast break in July. We’ll see you back in August for a brand new season and brand new podcast guests 🥳

Much love,

X Selina & Vicki