Season 1, Episode 2,   Jun 24, 2020, 04:02 PM

In the book:  “Job?  Fast Start! 7 Steps to be seen mastering your new job quickly”, author Les Cowie shows how job entrants can quickly learn to be effective in any job.  Cowie shows how any occupation can be viewed from seven different points of view.  Job entrants learn how to identify the 20% of activities that will occur 80% of the time in the job and 20% of faults that may occur 80% of the time.  Job entrants learn to know with whom they should build relationships to be effective and thriving in the job.  Each job entrant is encouraged to create a mini reference manual to help implement critical activities in an occupation.  Employees prepare to be upwardly-mobile in their new company.

This version of the 7 Steps approach examines the value to a corporation for introducing an in-company 7 Step program to distribute the tasks of job research and content capture.  The book illustrates the application of the 7 Steps to different types of occupation up the organization tree.  It recommends the training and appointment of In-Company Mentors to guide employees applying the 7 Steps to their jobs.  It shows how the implementation of the 7 Step approach drastically reduces corporate costs in capturing job content and developing effective training programs.