Season 2, Episode 2,   Jun 24, 2020, 05:23 PM

The book, “New Job? Fast Start! 7 Steps” offers seven simple tools to accelerate the time between starting the job and being in command of the position.  We encourage you to reach out and not wait for someone to take you by the hand.  Instead, actively seek answers for the things you need to know.  The 7 Steps in this book will assist you to capture a quick ‘picture’ of the job content.  The 7 Steps Process is like taking an X-ray view of the job from seven different angles.  Even if you’re moving into a position similar to the one you held in another company, your new company has its differences.  Most companies have their unique cultural and procedural differences. If you use these 7 Steps and apply them carefully, you’ll be able to focus on the critical elements in the job with the correct perspective.