Season 2, Episode 3,  Jun 24, 2020, 05:26 PM

Step 1:  Define the job’s environments.  Every job operates within definable environments.  You can describe these as internal and external environments.

Internal Environment

The Internal Environment is the space where the job happens.  We define the internal environment by all the ‘things’ that are within that ‘unique’ space.  These things can include equipment, furniture, utilities, appliances, electronics, books, computer applications, paperwork, and signage used in that ‘definable space’.   Space may be an office, a workshop, a floor space (as in retail or restaurant), even a cockpit (as in the case of a pilot or vehicle driver).  As simple as it might sound, one of your first tasks is to establish “What’s the space in which my new job functions and what are the things in it I’ll use to perform the job?”

External Environment

Every job has its own definable external environment.  In most cases, this relates to how you interact with other people. It includes how you relate to departments and facilities within your new organization and outside of it.  Plotting the external environment requires an understanding of all the relevant interactions the new job requires and how much time is typically spent interacting with other departments, functions or people.  In your new job, you’ll interact with some people more than others.