Wednesday, June 24: Summer Movies, Where To Go On Vacation, And Why You Shouldn't Hold It In

Jun 24, 2020, 05:38 PM

Movie Critic Joe Meyers talks about the things that make a great summer movie, and everyone pretty much agreed that "Jaws" is the gold standard. Although, Ashley hates sharks so she wanted to point to "Grease" as the best summer movie, which was immediately challenged by the Tribe. (0:00)
Amanda Klimak from Largay Travel offered some advice to Chaz and AJ, who will be off all next week, about ways they can enjoy vacation and remain safe from COVID-19. (13:32)
David in Roxbury called in to recommend the Essex Steam Train's rail bikes for a local trip that is something new and different to do in CT on vacation. (22:45)
A man's bladder exploded after drinking too much and trying to hold it, instead of just going to the bathroom. (27:49)

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