Service Course | Episode 11 | Custom build

Jun 24, 08:23 PM
In this episode of Service Course Tom Whalley and Lizzy Banks delve into the world of bespoke bikes. We speak to Phil Taylor, one of the founders of the UK’s handmade bike festival, Bespoked, which had been due to take place in May. Phil tells us the story of how he set up Bespoked while holding down his other day job as a psychotherapist.

We also speak with custom bike builders Liz Coleman and Duncan Crossley about the challenges of keeping building during the lockdown period.

Finally we hear from Rick Bailey and Dan Smith of Cycles in Motion about the intricacies of selecting the right tubing for the right job and how to get the perfect custom fit.

Graphene Nanodiamonds make an appearance in our news round-up and Adrian Nixon also updates us on the progress of the Space Elevator.

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Music courtesy of epidemic sound. This episode was produced by Tom Whalley