The Anna & Raven Show: Elevator Troubles, Annoying Tasks & Life Advice With Hayden!

Jun 25, 2020, 01:19 PM

Big name department stores are closing! (0:00)

What are those annoying projects your spouse asked you to do? (2:46)

That’s all I need to know about you. (10:02)

Ever get stuck in an elevator? (13:05)

New York, New Jersey & Connecticut have an announcement for anyone traveling to the tristate area. (24:42)

Life advice with Anna’s daughter, Hayden! (28:26)

Couples Court: Vanessa wants to take the kids on vacation that was gifted to them in January. Only catch is the kids will miss a week of school. Phil says after this year, NO WAY! Here the verdict right here! (32:03)

Mary was very close today but Raven pulled out another win to raise the jackpot up to $500 for tomorrow in today's Can’t Beat Raven (38:17)