Departure Lounge with Mike Waters

Jun 28, 09:46 AM
Adelaide-born and Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Mike Waters has just dropped his new tune on the world ‘I’m Doing Fine

The song deals with mental health, and the importance of openly and honestly addressing it; it is commentary on toxic masculinity from the male perspective
It came from me telling my own story story of when I was hit by a really intense bout of deep, dark depression, that I’ve never experienced before. I learned that the thing I needed to do to get through that was to talk to people. This song is about people who say to their friends that they are fine, but on the inside they are falling apart.

On Spotify he already has 1M monthly listeners and over 25M streams for his previous independent releases.
A self-confessed “late bloomer”, Mike didn’t grow up with a huge interest in music, and didn’t start writing songs until he was 26 when he discovered Melbourne’s vibrant pub scene and decided “I can do that”.

Two years later he had a publishing deal in Los Angeles, writing songs for the likes of Louis Tomlinson and Demi Lovato, and most recently co-writing ‘I Move, U Move’ for John Legend’s recent album ‘BIGGER LOVE’.

Mike checked into the Departure Lounge to chat with Stampsy and Josh about music and his beloved Mia... the pooch!