The one with Black Star Riders' Ricky Warwick

Jun 29, 2020, 02:46 PM
June 2020: Ricky Warwick is the ‘lad’ from Northern Ireland who got to walk in his hero’s shoes, even though he refuses to admit he wears them.
The now lead singer with Thin Lizzy, Ricky plays songs written by Phil Lynott and performs with Scott Gorham to bring them to life again. But, more than that, he is also the frontman of Black Star Riders, who have made four of the finest hard rock albums of modern times, and was also the frontman for the hard rock band The Almighty, who achieved chart success in the UK throughout the 90s. 
It’s a while since Ricky and I last saw each other but he is every bit as humble as he was  then and we chat about stepping into those famous shoes, Ricky’s solo albums, performing virtually and shaking your bahookie.

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