The Bruno Radio 1 chart where Number Two came after Number One - 1986

Jun 30, 2020, 11:58 PM

If you’ve ever hosted a chart, you’ll know that precision counts.  Every word. Every second. You have little space to adlib around errors inconspicuously.

Remember that too in vinyl days without digits counting down in front of you, just a pile of black singles and a list of songs with your scribbled timings all over it.

Bruno Brookes was a chart great on Radio 1 – without doubt. On this occasion though on 6th July 86, listen to the moment when he played number three – then launched into the rundown and the number one – leaving out number two.

Every chart presenter on any station ever will feel for him.

As you can hear, he then had to play the number two after the number one just to hit the end of the hour…

(It was also the 400th show since the 2 hour Top 40 started on 12 November 1978)

Chart audio and diligence as ever - from Richard White.