Kids Tell All !

Season 5, Episode 43,  Jul 02, 2020, 11:00 AM

Well mamas, we made it to the season finale of Modern Civilization /Life as We Know It. I mean, the season finale of Nursing and Cursing Season 5. And everything is fine. Totally fine. To celebrate, we are bringing you something brand new : OUR KIDS!! In this episode, we ask the kiddos :is mom cool? What’s this podcast all about ? Does she ever get grumpy ? Some of them gave us the cold hard truth, and others clammed up, scared of retribution. And Sarah coins a phrase that will make her a millionaire, or at least get her fine ass trending on Twitter. Love you mamas so much-what a ride this season has been. See you in the fall! Until then, let’s all manifest a quick and safe delivery for Kate’s babe and A FULLY FUNCTIONAL IRL FALL PLAN 4 SKOOLS!