How-to Have Fabulous Hair at Any Age

Jul 01, 08:41 PM
If you’ve hit 50 you’ve probably noticed dryness, thinning, and of course graying and even the shape of our hair strands change as we get older and that causes frizz and fly-aways. Without proper care, all of these matters just get worse. So if your once fabulous locks have thrown you for a curve ball recently you have to know about Hair Biology, created for the overly forgotten and dismissed demographic of women over 50, specifically designed to work with the biological changes that affect our hair as we age. They have four different distinct lines, Silver & Glowing, Soft & Hydrated, Full & vibrant, plus styling products to address specific aging hair concerns. They are Paraben-free and formulated with vitamins, caffeine and argan oil to penetrate deeply into the follicles to improve it from the inside out.