Rob Jones - City, Luxembourg, the Super Station, USP

Episode 107,   Jul 05, 2020, 08:44 AM

The Liverpool schoolboy who rose to a major profile as a presenter – before devising the service which provided late-night network programming to UK commercial radio and launching a leading multi-platform production company. 

In this hour of Radio Moments Conversations, Rob Jones tells of his life, with a career beginning as a presenter at the launch of Radio City before transferring to the mighty Radio Luxembourg. He opens up about the disappointment of not being called up for Radio 1; but how he played a part in the blossoming music TV industry.

As the then many commercial radio companies began to launch more services, Rob provided a late-night sustaining service from Branson's Super Station; and then, as a consultant, contracted programmes for the newer regional and national services. 

As the industry began to make cash from non-spot revenues, Rob tells of the birth - and journey -  of USP Radio Projects; and about his more recent ventures  at Ultimate Sound and  Vision.

In his own words, this is the Rob Jones story.

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