Bonus Episode: Russia Tea Time with Kaitlyn!

Episode 12,  Jul 05, 2020, 05:47 PM

There was so much ice tea to spill about Sasha Trusova's dramatic coaching change that it overflowed into this bonus episode! Featuring special guest Kaitlyn, an expert on Russian figure skating gossip, who guides Meghan and Neda on an odyssey through mafia schemes, Eurovision machinations, and good old fashioned petty Instagram beefs. #WHOISYANA

DISCLAIMER: Pretty much everything we say in this episode, though based on immaculately cited articles, is pure speculation. We have no real knowledge of behind the scenes events and are purely just gossiping for fun.

CONTENT WARNING: brief mention of the sexual abuse of Team USA gymnasts in the context of discussing the film "Athlete A"

Kaitlyn: @laibackspin
twitter @IceTeaPod
instagram @IceTeaPod

“Slappy Theme Song” by Meghan Kelleher