Learn From Me

Jul 07, 2020, 12:00 PM
Welcome to Iration's weekly podcast called The Uplifter. Our goal is to bring you some quality good vibes and humor to hopefully uplift everyone during these times.

THIS WEEK: "Learn From Me'" is the closing track on the album and the most intimate. During Sample This, we sit down with the Micahs to discuss why it’s going to make you cry. Keeping with the theme, we discuss some valuable life lessons from our parents. New updates from Poosh on our Twitch channel and Peloton before we close it out with our favorite foodie adventures on tour.

And remember when the news gets you down… You can always tune into the Uplifter!

To be featured on the show, submit your questions, comments, feedback, etc via text or voice at (805) 225-6886 OR send us a voice memo to podcast@irationmusic.com