Thursday, July 9: Pandemic Divorces, Concert Memories, And Why Sewage Closed Branford Beaches

Jul 09, 2020, 04:49 PM

Chaz's fiancee Jennifer on the phone to address the weird thing she does with their cat. Apparently, she's not alone and dishes on the strange way Chaz pets their cat's butt (0:00)
The pandemic has led to a jump in divorce proceedings, so Chaz and AJ spoke with Divorce Attorney Jacqueline Newman about how the process may change in the future, because of COVID-19 (8:13)
Live Nation's Jimmy Koplik on the phone to play a game with the Tribe. They call in a concert they remember seeing in CT, and Jimmy will see what details he can remember about booking the show, and what happened backstage (15:29)
Branford First Selectman James Cosgrove talks about over 2 million gallons of raw sewage in the Mill River, which forced beaches to close (27:51)

Scot Haney called back in, after Producer Phil insulted him a few hours earlier. Scot admitted to being in a few fights in his life, which strangely, all seemed to involve tennis (34:01)
President Trump called in to share his thoughts on the Mount Rushmore address for the Fourth of July, Kanye announcing he's running for President, and his new nicknames for Joe Biden (46:21)