Curtains, blinds, poles and tracks. Getting the perfect look.

Episode 22,   Jul 09, 2020, 09:10 PM

This week we talk to The Birch House curtain manufacturer and expert Carolyn Peyman about how to achieve the look you want with your curtains, poles, tracks and blinds.

Carolyn explains how poles are a great feature, whereas tracks are more discreet, That poles are for hand drawn curtains whereas poles can be hand drawn, corded or electric. And just to confuse things, you can get tracks that look like poles which means you could then have the option or corded or electric too.

We discuss how curtain heading range from the simplest headings on curtain tape such as cartridge pleat, to more complex tape headings such as cottage top and puff ball headings, then onto hand sewn headings such as single, double and triple hand pleated, goblet pleats, box pleats, inverted pleats, relaxed double pleats, smocked headings, drop-over frills, and then onto sleek and elegant wave heading. Phew, best to see the instagram page to get your head round those!

Pelmets can give a beautiful finished look to a window, framing the curtains or blind, adding elegance and height.  It is also a great way to prevent light seepage above the curtain, and also to cover an unsightly track.

To achieve a minimal look with your window dressings, Carolyn suggests roman blinds as they are often a perfect solution for a minimal look. Roller blinds can also provide a very sleek unobtrusive look. 

For real minimalism, think about panel blinds which are inspired by Japanese paper walls. And if you want minimal but with curtains she recommends to go for a wave heading or a single pleat on a track or narrow pole.

Carolyn goes through the benefits and challenges of curtains from all their different sources, online  / ready made through to the custom made offerings from the likes of John Lewis and onto the skills and details available from you local curtain manufacturer.

To find out more information on Carolyn and The BirchHouse see her Instagram @The.BirchHouse or find her on Facebook under The Birch House.

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