Mysterious Archaeology

Episode 40,   Jul 13, 2020, 04:00 AM

Just how were the Egyptian pyramids built? Our intrepid science reporters, Jeanna and Mindy dig away some of their favourite archaeological mysteries and discoveries that continue to puzzle archaeologists.

Below you can find links to further reading on the topic discussed in this episode.

INTERVIEW with Jay Haigler and Steve Lubkemann about underwater archaeology and how it’s  helping historians put together missing pieces of a grim chapter in human history — the trans-Atlantic slave trade era. 

Steve Lubkemann is a maritime archaeologist and the co-founder and International Coordinator of the Slave Wrecks Project and Jay Haigler is dive training coordinator for the  Slave Wrecks Project, and the lead instructor and safety dive officer for the marine archaeology nonprofit Diving With a Purpose.

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