John Bolton, Eric Swalwell publish new books surrounding Trump's impeachment

Episode 145,   Jul 11, 2020, 06:23 AM

Ambassador John Bolton and California Congressman Eric Swalwell are of different generations, they hail from different sides of the political spectrum, but the men have a surprising amount in common.

Bolton served in four presidential administrations. Swalwell is currently in his fourth term in the House of Representatives.

Bolton was born in, and currently resides in, Maryland. Swalwell, on the other hand, received his BA in government and politics, as well as his JD, at the University of Maryland.

Most importantly, both men have new books that pull back the curtain on the events surrounding the impeachment of President Trump.

This week, Elex Michaelson spoke with both men on The Issue Is about impeachment, President Trump, the coronavirus, and much more.


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