Patrick Foster: The brutal reality of a gambling addiction

Jul 11, 06:18 PM
Alasdair Hooper and Will Moulton host this special episode with former cricketer Patrick Foster as part of The Mintridge Foundation’s #28NotOut – raising money for the Max Hunter Fund.

This is one of the most eye-opening and honest accounts we have ever hosted on this podcast as Patrick takes us through his journey with a severe gambling addiction.

It’s an addiction that has plagued his life for years and drove him to the brink of suicide.

But it all changed with a truly vital phone call to his brother – and that’s what led him down the road to recovery.

Now the ambassador for The Mintridge Foundation uses his experiences to educate others to the dangers and also to push for a greater understanding of mental health.

That’s the overall message we want to send as part of #28NotOut – to normalise these types of conversations.


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