Introduction with Francesca Cooper

Episode 1,   Jul 15, 2020, 04:00 PM

B2B- Episode 1- Solo- Introduction to Series

Hello Everyone!

I am Francesca Cooper and I am so happy that you have taken to the time to listen to Burnout to Bulletproof. I think that over the next episodes you will find a home here and some support. 

I am a small business owner. I am a mother of two sons. I am married to someone who has dedicated his career to the United States Military. We have been together over 10 years. I am a best friend. I am the funny but loud person at neighborhood parties and my smile lights up every room I walk in. I really love cheese sticks and I love White Claw even more. 

I am a female advocate. I think that women make the world go round and I also think that mothers have the ability to change the world.  The purpose of this podcast is for women to have somewhere to turn. Whether it feels like the worst day of your life or you just need a pick me up on the short car ride to a grocery store. There is an episode for you. 

~I was mentally struggling for the majority of my early twenties. 
~I went on a limb and dedicated my career to a field dominated by men. Then watched those men tell me I wasn't enough and lost all of my self confidence. 
~I have suffered with depression. 
~I have worked 2 and 3 jobs while raising my children. 
~I have collapsed because of exhaustion while trying to be someone I wasn’t. 
~I started a business and almost gave it away for someone else dream. 
~I was a collegiate athlete who now is considered 70 lbs. overweight
~I have a son who is special needs. 
~I have a life that requires me to be a rock when my husband deploys and is called away. 
~I have a lot on my plate, but now it isn't crippling anymore. 

So if you are ready for some feel good, you can do this and I am here for you support. Stay tuned!