Thursday, July 16: CT's Bear Problem, Why You Call Before You Dig, Dumb Ass News

Jul 16, 2020, 04:49 PM
CT has a big problem with bears breaking in to people's homes. Chaz and AJ asked the Tribe to share their bear encounter stories, and then spoke to "Billy" a representative for the bears. (0:00)
Tom Bashaw from Call Before You Dig was on the phone to give examples of why it's so important to call them (8-1-1) before digging ANYTHING. He had some real scary stories about ruptured gas lines, near-misses with tent pole spikes, and the hefty fine you owe if something gets damaged. (14:49)
Dumb Ass News - a man was arrested after his burger was attacked by a seagull, and he retaliated by biting the bird. (26:32)
A park in Middletown has been a dumping ground for garbage and human waste according to residents, Sean from Milford called in to share a poop emergency story that ended his relationship. (31:28)

Dumb Ass News - A man went viral for quitting his job, and AJ tells a story about quitting after getting fish eyes thrown in his hair at a restaurant job (48:36)