The Anna & Raven Show: Interview With Sia, Ravens Report Card And Pulling Teeth

Jul 17, 2020, 01:19 PM

Anna & Raven had an interview with Sia. (0:00)

Another reenactment from Anna & Raven from the Nextdoor App. (7:37)

All I need to know about you! (10:42)

How do you pull out a loose tooth? (13:55)

According to the CDC the human population has been declining. So who would we pro-create with? (19:20)

It’s time for Ravens Report Card! How did Raven behave as a husband this week? We ask raven’s wife, Alicia. (23:38)

Couples Court: Joe and Ronda’s son keeps his three kayaks at their house. Joe says it’s time he takes them but Ronda says who cares? Let him keep them there! Whose side are you on?  (27:24)

Will Dave win the $900 in Can’t Beat Raven or will we add another 100 dollars for a total jackpot of $1,000 on Monday!? (32:23)

Kristine Williams, Doctor of Physical Therapy Certified and ISR Instructor, and Keri Morrison, Founder of Jake's Mommy, explain the misconception behind the viral infant Tik Tok video (38:14)