Friday, July 17: Fun Fact Friday And Sex In Public Places Stories

Jul 17, 2020, 04:02 PM

President Trump calls in to talk about the heatwave, to clear up his thoughts about Dr. Fauci, and why he retweeted something from Chuck Woolery. (0:00)
Chaz and AJ were talking about people that have sex in public places, which somehow shifted to an embarrassing story about Chaz and dirty talk. (3:42)
Two Tribe members called in to share their stories about having sex in public, and they were both entertaining but for very different reasons. (4:51)
Fun Fact Friday! This week the conversation was dominated by the giant and terrifying coconut crab. (8:16)
"Kooky" Karen called in for Winner and/or Loser of the Week, and in typical Karen fashion, left Chaz and AJ with more questions than answers. (21:07)
Fred held for an hour to nominate a 6-year-old for Winner of the Week. (26:46)

Image Credit: Getty Images 1143518904