Self Development

Episode 3,   Jul 20, 2020, 07:00 AM

The guys take a deep dive into personal and professional development, the importance of balance in our lives, and feedback to our loved ones. The journey of growth is challenging, which is why resources from others can prove to be helpful along the way. For more conversations like this, subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube. Enjoy this episode and come grow with us.

The guys express interest in setting the tone for the year with themes instead of resolutions. [1:39]
G shares how taking bolding action inspired his next trip to Brooklyn. [2:20] 
Lang conveys why prioritizing peace is essential to a healthy lifestyle. [3:24]
Can you change the environments you're in to feed your appetite and others differently? [6:32]
Ali tells the guys how he uses intentional actions to influence his friends positively. [8:16]
G talks about finding groups of men that challenge him to be a better version of himself. [10:32]
Knight challenges the blindspots associated with a patriarchal society that caters to men and why we need more women leaders. [13:57]
Ali references a study that illustrates how women's success can positively shift the trajectory of the home. [17:03]
Lang says women who successfully lead single-family homes are microCEO's and men should look to invest in them. [18:58]
G salutes his father for the example of perseverance and sacrifice he demonstrated growing up. [22:18] 
You can't win a war if you're always fighting. [5:46]
It's our responsibility to change the culture in ways that we think are necessary and healthy. [7:33]
Champion those alongside you, build those up behind you and those before you honor them. [11:09]
Historically men have not been encouraged to self-develop because if we had, society would be different. [11:45]

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