Lisa Palmer

Jul 21, 2020, 05:20 AM
Lisa Palmer is an entrepreneur, well known relationship and dating expert. She’s a life coaching image coach turned author and helps the rich and famous find their perfect match. Her book 'The Secret To What Men Really' want has been desribed as the Bridget Jones of dating! 

The ‘Influential Women Podcast’ chats to Lisa about her book and she explains to us from her research and interviews with 1000’s of men, what they really want! Lisa also chats to Nicki about how she doesn’t just focus on finding her clients the perfect match but also offers services where her clients can improve their lifestyles and re-learn to love themselves. 

It is host presented and co-produced  by Nicki Bannerman, executively produced by Nicki Bannerman and Juliette Nicholls and produced by Saffron Mirza.

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