Thursday, July 23: Surviving An Apocalypse, Teacher Coronavirus Concerns, Wal-Mart Exorcisms

Jul 23, 2020, 03:57 PM

President Trump called in to talk about Coronavirus updates, Kanye's presidential run, and Dr. Fauci throwing out the first pitch for the Nationals today. (0:00)
An anonymous teacher called Chaz and AJ to express concerns with the plans to have teachers and students in for a "normal" schedule in the fall. (4:01)
Survival expert Kevin Estela helps Chaz and AJ with the basics you'd need to survive in the event of an apocalypse. Not because there's anything wrong, just because Chaz needs a hobby. (17:18)
New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker was on the phone to address a recent uptick in Coronavirus cases in the city, his thoughts on the police reform bill, and whether or not mustard is acceptable on a grilled cheese. (23:32)
Dumb Ass News - A woman in WalMart went viral for trying to perform an exorcism on the shampoo aisle. AJ imagines what Hell would be like for him. (33:56)
Scot Haney talks about his relationship, and the things that have made him angry recently. Somehow, AJ made that all about himself and then got mad when Producer Phil kept playing a sound byte from earlier in the show. (39:33)