Friday, July 24: Celebrating Ashley's Birthday, Fun Fact Friday, Dumb Ass News

Jul 24, 2020, 03:52 PM

Ashley's birthday is tomorrow, so Momma and Poppa Gee called in to say "Happy Birthday." Then her sister, Chelsea was on to talk about the party plans, but would not divulge any information about the cake selection. And Ashley's boyfriend Erik called in at the end of the show to wish her a happy birthday, but it got a little weird when Chaz and AJ (jokingly) criticized his word choices. (0:00)
All of "Fun Fact Friday" - Today's Fun Fact Friday began with Chaz's fiancee, Jennifer singing Happy Birthday to Ashley. Then, a clip of Ashley mispronouncing "hoosiers" and the Tribe's calls. (20:28)
Comedian Lamont Price had a lot of information about Redd Foxx and Quincy Jones, then nominated Kanye West for Loser of the Week. (35:27)
Dumb Ass News - A crazy Britney Spears clip has gone viral on Instagram, but the dumbass in this segment was Ashley's sound byte about being smart. (42:47)
Boss Keith's Top 5 was all about some weird anniversary in his life that no one else cares about - the day he first got his license. (48:54)