Episode 1.5: #DistancingBlind

Episode 2,  Jul 28, 2020, 10:25 AM

Welcome to this bonus episode of the Blind Spot, brought to you by Thomas Pocklington trust. In this episode, your host Kevin Satizabal, talks about the Distancing Blind campaign run by the Sight Loss Councils.
The campaign is raising awareness of the social distancing challenges faced by visually impaired people and providing businesses with practical guidance. We also hear from Sight Loss Council members about their social distancing experiences. 
Engagement Manager Eamonn Dunne, shares the work he is doing with local authorities to support blind and partially sighted people as we come out of lockdown
Find out more about the Distancing Blind campaign by visiting: http://www.sightlosscouncils.org.uk/distancingblind