Wednesday, July 29: Oxford Fire Chief On The Quarry Walk Fire, Shark Attacks, And The Worst Movies Ever

Jul 29, 2020, 05:40 PM

Mighty John the Record Guy was on to help the Tribe assess the value of their record collection, and Mark in the oil truck might have actually made John jealous with his collection! (0:00)
Dr. Dave Hudson from the Maritime Aquarium was on the phone with Chaz and AJ to talk about a recent shark attack in Maine, and beaches closing in Long Island because of a different shark sighting. Then, Ashley asked a ridiculous question about sharks in an aquarium. (6:02)
Movie critic Joe Meyers was on to talk about the worst movies he ever had to review in his career. Even though Pearl Harbor made money in the box office, it was the most uncomfortable he's ever felt in a movie theater. (17:56)
The Fire Chief from Oxford was on to talk about the huge fire at Quarry Walk from Monday. He said it is the largest fire the town has ever had to put out. (26:39)
Dumb Ass News - a 99-year-old woman is the oldest living pilot and trainer in the world. Chaz and AJ did not feel confident in her abilities after listening to a recent interview. (37:57)