NBL Free Agency Free-for-All (36ers, Bullets, Taipans, Hawks, United)

Episode 129,   Jul 31, 2020, 03:34 AM

NBL Free Agency Free-for-All episode.

10:09 - Corey Homicide Williams and the NBL fan response 
15:32 - Will we have a season? A delay? A tournament? 
22:28 - Young teams in the NBL? A conversation lifted from the NBA
24:42 - The motto for NBL21 - The story of the 2 boys and the angry bear
29:49 - Adelaide 36ers 
49:00 - Brisbane Bullets 
1:05:19 - Cairns Taipans
1:11:31 - The Hawks 
1:30:49 - Melbourne United

Breakers, Wildcats, Phoenix, Kings and any other moves or rumours that happen between the release of this episode and our next recording. 

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