A New Home for Decoding Culture

Season 2,   Aug 01, 2020, 12:27 PM

Hi, and welcome the new home of The Decoding Culture Podcast. My name is John Curran and I am your host. I am a business anthropologist, executive coach and CEO of JC & Associates which is a consultancy that helps businesses develop better working cultures and relationships with their consumers.
I had a great year running series One of the podcast under This is HCD. However, I felt the time was right to go alone in order to take Decoding Culture in a different direction. With any change comes new required actions. So, this means you will need to subscribe to the new feed. There is also a link to the archived episodes for series one.
The Decoding Culture podcast will focus on the importance that culture plays in all areas of business and society, from how it shapes organisations and work to how it influences consumer experience, design, and larger societal trends. 
In series two I chat with interesting guests from academia, business innovation, design and journalism. All guests offer important takes on how culture shapes the ways we work, behave and think. First up is Professor Jennifer Howard-Grenville who is the Diageo Professor of Organisation Studies, Cambridge Judge Business School, Cambridge University. Over two episodes we discuss the myths of organistional culture and, if understood properly, can be used to create culture change. Episode three dives deep into Dr Simon Roberts book The Power of Not Thinking: How Our Bodies Learn and Why We Should Trust Them. Simon is also a business anthropologist and co-founder of a brilliant innovation consultancy called Stripe Partners 
I hope you will find series 2 enjoyable and helpful. As mentioned earlier, you will need to subscribe to the new feed. Also, do leave any thoughts and comments and please do rate Decoding Culture in iTunes.  
Thanks for now.