Episode 18: the value of generalists, learning from change, meetings skills and sector relationships with government.

Aug 02, 2020, 03:46 PM
In Episode 18 of University Registrars Talking About Stuff Paul Greatrix talks to Sophie Bowen, Chief Operating Officer at Middlesex University. We learn about Sophie’s career progression from graduate trainee at the University of Birmingham to her current role and what this experience tells us about the place of generalists and specialists in university administration.

Looking at the lockdown experience we reflect on the extraordinary response of all parts of the university community to addressing the challenges of remote learning and working and what this means for supporting the health and welfare of staff and students. We also explore the implications for staff and student engagement, learning from innovative practices and the new approach to university meetings and the skills enhancements required to run them effectively. Finally, we look at the bigger picture, in particular university relationships with government and the challenges which lie ahead for an increasingly diverse sector.