Inspired by Jara: Part 1

Episode 1,  Aug 04, 2020, 11:12 PM

In the first part of this season, James Dean Bradfield looks at the influence of Chilean musician and revolutionary singer Victor Jara on modern music.

From lyrical references by the likes of U2, Calaxico and The Clash to an album dedication from Simple Minds and Bruce Springsteen covering Jara’s most famous song.
James has written his own album called “Even in Exile” which is inspired by Jara.
In this episode he interviews Charlie Burchill from Simple Minds and Joey Burns from Calexico and talks us through some of the tracks on his new album.

James has compiled this playlist of songs which feature in the podcast and songs which inspired the creation of the album  
You can pre-order and stream "Even in Exile" here