Rock Star Dad: Jaret Reddick of 'Bowling for Soup' Part 1 #GrownDadBusiness ep.205

Aug 04, 2020, 07:00 PM

1985!? Stacy's Mom!? Phineas & Ferb!? Chuck E. Cheese!?

Aaron spends over an hour getting to know Jaret Reddick, singer/songwriter of the band 'Bowling for Soup' AND his not-so-secret second career as a voiceover actor. Ever hear of 'Phineas & Ferb'? Cannot get '1985' out of your head? Didn't he sing "Stacy's Mom? Kinda.. Remember when Chuck E. Cheese got much cooler? So many things to talk about. What a blast. "Did we just become best friends!?" They are.
This is PART ONE!

Check out Jaret's podcasts, 'Rock Star Dad' and 'Jaret Goes to the Movies' - yeah, a Dad podcast and a movie podcast.... long lost brother.
'The Rockstar Dad Show'
With Jaret Reddick + Gary Wiseman of Bowling For Soup

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