Ep 103: Getting used to living a new ‘normal’

Aug 06, 05:00 AM
Hi lovely,

We are back after a one month break and the world is still feeling weird. Here in the UK, while we’re not in full lockdown anymore, things have certainly not returned to normal, but then, as Edward Enninful, editor of UK Vogue says in his brilliant editor’s letter for the August issue (mentioned in this week’s episode) ‘there is no normal to return to’.

And so we feel it’s important to not try to normalise this new way of living, but to keep addressing the challenges of living in the shadow of a global pandemic, while also continuing to look at the unexpected opportunities that have come with these unprecedented times. 

And so that is what we’re doing in this week’s episode: exploring how we are adjusting to living a life that isn’t like the life we were once all living. And how we are continuing to find opportunities for growth, learning, fun and adventure in amongst it all.

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