Big Weekly Quiz #010 (with Gemma Cutting)

Aug 06, 2020, 06:00 PM
It's not a Pub Quiz... It’s a Pod Quiz!

Charlie has been hosting pub quizzes for years... But then the pubs were closed down, and Charlie was left twiddling his thumbs. To fill the time, he decided he'd do a quiz every weekday through lockdown... And so many people listened to it that he decided to launch a full series!

Our Big Weekly Quizzes are five rounds of quizzing every Thursday at 7pm, with a guest going head to head with Charlie's brother Ben. This week's guest is radio presenter, Gemma Cutting.

If you enjoy the quiz and would like to put a few quid towards our ongoing production costs, then we would massively appreciate it... We say "buy us a beer" and of course some of it will go on much needed Carlings for production meetings... But also it goes towards our production, equipment and hosting costs.

If you would like to throw a few quid in to the pot, please go to - and thank you for your support!

Finally, you can find us on Twitter (@bigpodquiz) or search for The Big Pod Quiz on Facebook. You can also get in touch on email -

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