Dr Anand Patel

Season 2, Episode 3,   Aug 10, 2020, 05:00 AM

This week Sara talks to Anand Patel, a doctor specialising in sexual function, working with health care professionals and the public to challenge views, reduce embarrassment and improve understanding.

[Trigger warning: eating disorder discussion]

Dr Anand Patel is a GP based in inner London and also works at the Centre for Men’s Health on Harley Street treating sexual dysfunction and testosterone deficiency. He is a committee member of the British Society for Sexual Medicine and secretary to the Primary Care Testosterone Advisory Group. He has worked in television, including decoding sexual desires on Channel 5s My Secret Sex Fantasy and most recently I co-hosting The Pleasure Podcast, focusing on sex, relationships and intimacy.

Dr Anand trains doctors to think about sexual function as both symptom and health issue affecting people physically and psychologically, and hopefully gives them the tools to talk about sex openly and supportively with patients. He doesn't just talk about why sexual problems can happen, but what effect they can have and how we can practically support people into making positive changes - this is often where sex toys comes in!

His background as a school teacher and head of PSHE means he recognises some of the challenges young people face these days with the impact of social media, online dating and pornography changing sexual expectations and behaviours. He's also working with MaSC (Men and Social Conditions) to create up a porn addiction workshop for those gay men who have been affected by pornography and social media, reducing the pleasure they take in sex themselves and the negative view they have of their bodies and the unattainable images of others.

Basically Dr Anand really wants people to enjoy their bodies without shame and maintain healthy sexual relationships.


The fabulous College of Sex and Relationships Therapists who work to support people with relationship issues and/or sexual problems. You can find a therapist near you for a confidential discussion. 
You may also be able to access psychosexual therapy via your local sexual health clinic and/or be referred by your GP. Unfortunately services might be more limited in access due to COVID19.
In London, the Albany Trust is a charity offering some low cost counselling and has a special interest in supporting LGBT+ people.
London Friend is a charity that supports LGBT+ people with a variety of services but particularly mental health services especially those struggling with drug addiction. 

The Sexual Advice Association is a charity who have produced a website and free app that allows you to complete sex quizzes/questionnaires about sexual dysfunction for you OR for your partner! It then suggests what the likely problem might be and links you to useful information leaflets and resources.
I’ve found Gary Wilson very interesting on porn’s effects on people.

More about the shaky bridge study mentioned in the episode.

Find Dr Anand Patel's podcast The Pleasure Podcast here.

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