Ep 104: Navigating motherhood with Nehanda Truscott Reid

Aug 13, 05:00 AM
Hi lovely, 

It’s Selina here this week, flying solo for the first time since before lockdown with our first guest on the show since March. And wow, what a guest.

I had the pleasure and joy of getting deep into conversation with Nehanda Truscott Reid and it ended up being a truly transformative conversation for me and I have a feeling it could be for a lot of other people too, whether you are a mother, are thinking of becoming a mother or simply interested in the motherhood journey. 

Nehanda is a mother of two, Holistic Wellness Coach and founder of The Soul Mama Journey where she supports women through the sacred transition of motherhood from pre conception onwards. Nehanda believes motherhood holds the potential to be a gateway of our deepest healing and transformation and is passionate about helping more women navigate this path consciously and spiritually. 

And I will be honest, I’ve never really got into the whole ‘motherhood is sacred’ thing. In fact I’ve struggled a little with the identity of motherhood (as we unpack in this episode). But having devoured the episodes of Nehanda’s own podcast - the Soul Mama Podcast (which I cannot recommend more) I felt so inspired to explore motherhood in a new way with Nehanda and wanted to bring you guys along on the journey with me.

And wow am I glad I did. This conversation was SO powerful for me. It really shifted something within me. I’ve been experiencing a whole new level of joy and connection to my son and within my role as a mother ever since. And so I cannot wait for you to listen to this too. 

Spread this among the mothers you know and love - lockdown has been one hell of a testing time and the words from Nehanda are like a soothing and healing balm.

To find out more about Nehanda and how to work with her (which I couldn’t recommend more), visit her at: www.soulmamajourney.com
Follow her on instagram: @soulmamacoach
And subscribe to: The Soul Mama Podcast

X Selina