Coming Soon: A Special Season of Impolite Company

Season 3,   Aug 12, 2020, 09:21 PM

Coming Soon: This Is My Story, a special season of Impolite Company, focused on telling the stories of women who have made voting an act of faith.

I’m Amy Sullivan, and you’re listening to This Is My Story, a special season of Impolite Company.
In the conservative Baptist church in the Midwest where I grew up, women weren’t allowed to have roles in Sunday worship, outside of the music ministry. They didn’t even pass out bulletins as ushers. Although, to be honest, I’m not sure what biblical authority would have been violated there.
Instead, once a year, we’d hold Women’s Sunday, letting women pretend they were in charge for the day. There was obviously no question of having a woman preach. So instead of a sermon, every year one woman would share her testimony. Because apparently the men of the church decided that was safe. After all, it was just her own story.
They didn’t understand the power of stories.
You see, personal stories are how we relate to one another. More than that, research tells us that the most effective social change happens through storytelling, that people are most persuaded by their peers who have stood where they are. People need to feel understood, and they need to hear that change is possible.
That’s why I’ve left two decades in journalism to launch This Is My Story, a new initiative to help women tell their stories of making voting an act of faith. In each of the twelve weeks between now and Election Day, this special podcast season of the same name will tell the story of a different woman’s shift in her faith and politics, about what convicted her to see loving her neighbor as a commandment to shape not only how she lives her life, but also how she votes.
We’ll talk to women who were once firmly in the conservative Christian world. They include former street-corner evangelists, crisis pregnancy clinic workers, and a surprising number of former missionaries. You’ll hear how each of them ventured outside the bubbles in which they’d been raised, and what it was that caused them to embrace a kind of politics that’s more focused on loving our neighbors than protecting an in-group.
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