David Lloyd - First show on Trent

Apr 21, 2012, 03:14 PM

In assembling these Boos, it's tempting to include the embarrassment of others; and neglect oneself. That would be wrong.

After three years of hospital radio in Nottingham, at a stunning station which spawned so many including: the BBC's Paul Robey; Mark Shardlow; Sue Aherne; Martin Bedford; Richard Townsend; Denis Henry; and commercial radio's Pete and Rob Wagstaff; Andy Miller; Tim Disney; Steve Voce, Graham Wright, Jonathan Blacknell; and Channel 4's Gary Terzza, I got my first paid for-radio gig. Hundreds of typed letters and several high-pitched demos landed me interviews in my duffel coat at 2-Ten, Beacon and Trent. Luckily, Trent in my home town was first to step forward with an offer (thanks, Len Groat). I did not hang around to wait for a better one.

There were lots of things to do as Broadcast Assistant; and always the hope of going on air. My chance came as a hole emerged between end of some football match between Ajax and Forest and the ensuing show. On the morning of 23rd April 1980, I was invited to fill the gap later that night. Given my real name was similar to another Trent presenter, I was instructed to dream up another one speedily. Before Len could bestow a local town-name upon me, I simply grabbed a new first name. David was born. For no apparent reason.

It was a pretty awful show. Most first shows are. In the course of a few hours, it might have got better, but I was not afforded that chance, such was its forty-five minute brevity. At the end, I even forgot my new name. Here's a short clip; and it's more than sufficient.

Pic has compulsory station logo sweat shirt. I bore the remnants of a compulsory 80s male perm. #radio