Episode 65 - Queen that $h*t!

Aug 16, 2020, 11:00 AM

The one where you need to write a badass list.

We have another amazing guest this week, the incomparable Kelly Travis! She’s going to talk to us about how to move from fear to failure to fabulous. And of course, we approach it with our typical irreverence.  You’ll hear things like the worst thing you can say during marriage counseling, and get some great tequila recommendations.

Kelly is the host of the “She Doesn’t Settle” podcast, and is an amazing health and success coach. You can find more information at her website, kellytravis.net

This week’s drink? Jill’s own concoction in honor of our guest, the Vegas Vagabond!  You can find the recipe at www.alwaysneverright.com.

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